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5 Tips to Successfully Land Your Dream Internship

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Internships are a huge part of a college student's life. These on-the-job experiences equip you with the needed skills in order to cope with the real world after graduation. In the Philippines, junior or senior college students go through internships to learn skills and get a feel of the industry that they want to join after their studies.

However, getting an internship is not always a walk in the park. Here are some tips to help you successfully land your dream internship this semester.

Arrive early.

Make it a point to arrive at least 30 minutes before your schedule. Leave your home early enough to beat the heavy rush hour traffic and, if possible, do a dry run to know which route and transportation to take. Arriving early will also give you time to settle down, relax and get a feel of the office environment. Remember that the recruitment officer is the one who will endorse you to the next step of your interview, so make a good first impression by arriving early.

Do your research.

Do some research about the company that's hiring you for your internship. Look for their Facebook page, and more importantly, visit their website. Try to have a knowledge of their culture and services. Interviewers may ask you about your thoughts on their website design, or the skills that you can contribute to their team, so it's best to be prepared with specific answers. This can impress the recruitment officer and increase your chances of getting hired.

Be aware of their dress code.

Looking good during your initial interview shows that you are serious about getting this job, despite being a student. Ask your recruitment about the company's dress code: are you supposed to wear business attire, semi-casual, casual or strictly formal?

Be honest.

They will ask basic questions, like where do you live, what year you are in, your current load in school (if you are enrolled), how far do you live from work, your travel time, your skills that can contribute to the company, the time or days that you can commit to your on-the-job training, and others. Be sure to answer those questions truthfully, because this will set the company's expectations. 

Be professional.

On-the-job trainees should always remember that the company expects you to be professional. It may be just a requirement in your school, but bear in mind that the skills and values that you will learn during your internship, and of course, the evaluation of your performance will reflect your work etiquette.

These experiences can be memorable, because it can make an impact your life. Try to learn new things everyday. Improve what you already know. Add more information to your pool of knowledge. Make the internship count because this training is an opportunity for you to build your skillset and widen your network.

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