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KMC Solutions's visit to Australia - Overview

  •   Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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KMC Solutions' Australia Visit 2017

Thanks to its strategic location, similar time zone and high level of English communication, the Philippines has become the go-to outsourcing destination of Australian Companies. With new government policies focused on attracting foreign investments in the Philippines (lightening taxes, etc.), the country strengthened its trade ties with Australia benefiting several sectors, such as:

  • Agribusiness
  • Education, Training
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Energy & Mining
  • Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing


Feeling it was time to make a trip to the land down under as their clientele is composed of 70% "OZ-based" companies; KMC Solutions, an IBPAP member, recently flew to Australia.



The Fast Track Leaders Dinner (II)

The Tea Room, Sydney

Fast Track Leader's Dinner (III)


The first event hosted by KMC Solutions was a laid back and intimate panel discussion with a wealth of Australian industry experts about:


"The Millennial Snipe Hunt" - attracting, retaining, and nourishing the modern workforce"


The event brought together 60 senior executive attendees to enjoy good food, fine wine and a topical discussion in the company of senior professionals. KMC Solutions team had the chance to gather many connections, promoting the Philippines in the same moment.


MyBusiness Event

North Sydney

My Business event


More focused on the BPO sector, KMC Solutions (in partnership with MyBusiness) organized an Outsourcing Committee-- presenting various ways Australian Companies are outsourcing to the Philippines, and highlighting some of the pros and cons associated with each. The topic focused on the Philippines presented by Thomas Cragg, VP for Sales, and Joe Curran, EVP, as the number one outsourcing destination for Australian Companies.


Victory in Business Luncheon


Victory in Business Luncheon


Thomas Cragg (KMCS' VP for Sales) - fourth from the left - was also invited to the Victory in Business Luncheon and was amazed at how many attendees were already active (or seriously considering setting up a virtual team) in the Philippines.




IBPAP Member, KMC Solutions spent a jam-packed couple of weeks on their Business Mission to Sydney and Melbourne (with a quick side trip to Brisbane).


According to Thomas Cragg, KMCS VP for Sales : "Sydney and Melbourne are stunning cities, each with its own very individual charm. As the most populated" - roughly 4.5 million people living in each - "and where the majority of KMC Solutions' existing Customers are based it, made sense to focus our attention in these cities, but we feel we hardly scratched the surface in terms of the staggering potential for the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines. For our next mission we will be committing more time and energy on Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth."




Between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, KMCS's team attended dozens of face to face individual meetings with potential prospects (as well as existing customers), made presentations boasting the value proposition of the Philippines to guests specifically interested in outsourcing and understanding in terms of the challenges around talent acquisition (and retention) in Australia. Over 100 people attended KMC Solutions' hosted events resulting in 150 potential customer touchpoints in different forums (and a relatively short time frame!).


Joe Curran, KMCS' EVP, confirms: "Our objective was to solidify existing client relationships and build new partnerships with Australian companies by introducing the benefits of outsourcing talent in the Philippines. It was clear that the relationship between the Philippines and Australia is very stable and the IT-BPO industry will continue to grow exponentially" - Curran opined - "Every Philippine IT-BPO company should invest both time and resources in firming up ties with Australia, given the sheer potential of this market".


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