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10 Life Hacks to Boost Work Productivity

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There are only so many hours in one work day, but yet, we've all seen those people who seem to get a massive amount of tasks completed. They don't have more hours in the day. They've mastered the art of working smarter. These life hacks will boost your productivity.


1. Don't Waste Commute Time

It's tempting to relax, drink coffee and fool around on Facebook during your commute. This time should be spent reading emails, corresponding with clients or creating a task list for the day.

2. Arrive Early and Plan

If you don't take the train to work, you can arrive early to plan your day. One of the most important tasks you can accomplish is setting yourself up for productive work. Take 10 minutes to plan your daily tasks so you can stay focused and on-task.

 3. The First Hour

Instead of easing yourself into work, jump in with both feet. Don't procrastinate with blogs, website surfing or social media. Start on your task list immediately to set the tone for the entire day.

 4. Don't be Reactive

Instead of changing plans with each email and phone call you receive, stick to your task list as much as possible. It's easy to put aside your work when someone comes to you with an urgent task. Assess whether that task can actually wait, and add it to the list. You'll get more accomplished when you don't allow interruptions to dictate your actions.

 5. Track Your Tasks

For an entire day, track how long it takes you to complete tasks. You might be surprised by how long it takes you to complete them. While you might assume you take only 10 minutes to read and respond to emails, when tracking you might actually see that it takes 30 minutes. This will help you tremendously when planning your to-do list.

 6. Complete Quick Tasks Immediately

If you can complete a task in under five minutes, it's actually more productive to complete it immediately. Don't put it on the to-do list since it takes longer to add it to the list and complete it later.

 7. Notifications

Once you've sorted and dealt with your email at the beginning of the day, turn off notifications for your phone and email. Add in a time to check your email throughout the day so you can stay focused on your tasks.

 8. Take Frequent Breaks

Studies have found that working in 90 minute blocks of time increases productivity. After working for 90 minutes, take a break to recharge and energize yourself. The break should last at least 10 minutes. Try to clear your head and not focus on the work.

 9. Stay Active and Hydrated

Don't stay at your desk for those break times either. It's important to keep the body active as well as hydrated. Take a short walk. Have a small, healthy snack too. Food, water and activity are essential to a healthy body and mind.

 10. Don't be Afraid to be Imperfect

It's easy to stick with a task trying to make it perfect. There's no perfect report, website, article or project. You could spend hour if not days trying to make something perfect when there's always room for improvement. You have to be willing to complete a task without it being perfect.

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