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Are There Ways Not to Hate Mondays?

  •   Friday, July 15, 2016

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Ways not to hate Mondays

The majority of us hate Mondays. However, it is important to note that hating Monday does not necessarily mean we hate our jobs. Most people work because they need an income to support their families. They may not love the job after all, but options are limited. On the contrary, as human, we love freedom and leisure and would not hesitate to spend as much quality time as possible with friends and family. We like weekends because they provide us with plenty of free time. Therefore, people hate Mondays because it is far from the weekend. This article illustrates reasons why people hate Mondays and how we can remedy the situation. 

Why We Hate Mondays

According to some experts, our hatred of Monday mornings is influenced by "deep-rooted" tribal instincts. As stated by Professor Alex Gardner (Clinical Psychologist), "Work could be the best place for you on Monday because we are essentially cavemen in city suits. We want to feel part of the tribe so we go for a cup of tea to catch up and then settle down to work. Having done the tribal bonding, we are geared up for a productive week while some people who have started all guns blazing on Monday morning may burn themselves out." An excerpt from the article published by The Huffington Post, "Mondays Are More Depressing Than We Thought, Says Study". 

In this section, we explain reasons why most of us hate Monday morning compared to any day of the week.

1. Changing Sleeping Pattern

We often change our sleeping pattern over the weekend. Research has shown that majority of the people do not get enough sleep during the week because they have to wake up early and rush to work. Therefore, they take advantage of the weekend to compensate for the "lost" sleep. Extending sleep for even an hour or more than our regular pattern confuses the body clock. Scientists are of the opinion that sleeping more makes us tired at the start of the week. As a consequence, you get up on a Monday feeling exhausted and not the mood to report on duty.

2. Sudden Shift from Sunday

Every week, we experience an emotional shift from Sunday (happy moments) to Monday (corporate feeling). In spite of the fact that Mondays are less stressing compared to either Tuesday or Wednesday, in our minds, we feel Mondays be the worst days. The problem is that we always seem to compare it to Sunday. In such circumstances, Monday will always seem to the worst day of the week, and we never look forward to it.

3. Burnout Monday

On Monday, we work harder on ourselves. On Monday, we wake up feeling dejected possibly because of over indulgence in alcohol or junk food during the weekend. The body eventually feels the impact of the weekend pleasures making us feel clumsy. A study conducted on some American women found out that they felt less attractive on Mondays. This explains why many people start dieting or fitness exercises on Mondays. 

How to "Hating Monday" Less

In this section, we explore some strategies we can put in place to ensure our Mondays are exciting and more productive. 

1. Wear Something New

Nothing boosts our mood such as dressed in a new outfit. If you have purchased a new shoe, cloth, bracelet, earring, etc. it is an opportune time to try it out on a Monday. You will move through the day with an elated mood. Most us admit to the fact that wearing a new outfit always makes us feel right, and we seek approval in spite of the fact we may not show it publicly. Compliments from colleagues make us move through the day with ease feeling better.

2. Commute to Work with a Friend

According to Roy Cohen, who is a career counselor and executive coach based in New York, take advantage of the Monday morning to drive to work with a friend or colleague who you love their company. This is excellent ways to kick start your week and would be something you will always look out for. You may also take this opportunity to listen to your favorite audio book. 

3. Set your Weekly Goals

Setting your weekly goals is a sure way of guiding your week. There could be temptations of getting stuck looking at emails that arrived over the weekend hence wasting time in the process. You simply need to ask yourself what you need to be doing during the week and give daily targets starting Monday as you go through to Friday. People who write down their goals significantly accomplish more tasks than those who do not, according to a study done at Dominican University. Start writing your goals and never miss anything important at work.

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You have to work hard on ensuring that your Mondays are one of the best days of the week. Therefore, you need to look into yourself and objectively make amends, where you feel, needs change. Proper preparation and guidance will ensure that you enjoy your Monday and be more productive at work and throughout the day. Be as efficient as you can be no matter what day of the week it is.

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