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Credit and Collections Analyst

DebtWare is a customised proprietary software and set of processes which has been designed to manage every aspect of Debt Agreement administration. It is the market leading software for Registered Debt Agreement Administrators and the Debt Management Industry.


DebtWare is not only just an efficient software but also a set of processes which can include everything right through to outsourcing the client and creditor dealings whilst in administration.  Thus, allowing you to focus on client generation and marketing.


It has been designed by experienced RDAAs, Accountants and Actuaries to combine a comprehensive software package with a suite of processes developed specifically for the Debt Management Industry. It is proven, reliable, continually enhanced and supported by industry and technical experts.


Job Purpose:


Ensuring the portfolio of formal and informal Debt Agreements is maintained in accordance with AFSA legislation, client needs and management policy.


Key Performance Indicators:

  • Administration fee arrears less than 5%
  • Reduction in number of terminated agreements
  • Identify clients that require special attention and deliver alternate solutions

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:


1. Previous experience in a debt collections support role
2. Extremely strong communication skills, fluent English speaking and strong spelling and grammar skills in written communication
3. Sound computer skills with above average speed and accuracy with word processing, spread sheets, data entry.  (ideally 60+ words per minute)
4. Strong attention to detail and ability to follow processes and procedures thoroughly
5. Experience in dealing with highly emotive individuals
6. Self starter, pro active
7. Team player
8. Able to work independently
9. Effective time management skills
10. Task orientated
11. Effective communicator at all levels, clients, staff, network etc
12. Good attitude
13. Possess a happy, positive and friendly demeanour


Management Style:


  • Debtware licences software to a number of debt management companies within Australia. Whilst Case Managers are employed by Debtware all work will be undertaken on behalf of Debtware clients reporting into their team leads on a daily basis with weekly updates provided to Debtware management
  • An open management style of team leads will be encouraged to ensure team members take part in decision making processes, share ideas, initiatives, client successes and challenges

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

1. Client Contact
a. Make outgoing and accept incoming calls, emails, SMS from existing clients
b. Use appropriate communication style with clients of all backgrounds, financial intelligence and ethnicity
c. Deliver consistent empathetic and understanding style of listening,  respond to client with firm and assertive expectations to ensure relationships remain positive with client
d. Keep clients aware of any risk of arrears and potential for their DA to have a negative outcome rather than reaching an “obligations discharged” outcome
e. Ask open questions to clients when required to discover further issues behind any requests for leniency in the repayment obligations
f. Explain other options available to client who are experiencing ongoing hardship – informal catch up provisions, variations, bankruptcy etc


2.  Daily maintenance tasks
a. Print Ezidebit Dishonour lists daily and initiate contact with client via their preferred method of contact
b. Follow up all clients on dishonour list through various other methods (not initial preferred method) until connection takes place
c. Once connected with client communicate the dishonour – total arrears situation, suggestion of how catch up of any missed payment can be made, obtain reason for dishonour
d. Update software notes with any communication had with the client
e. Action daily Debtware to do list tasks which will include tasks set by yourself and other colleagues including


i. Connection with client to advise of arrears
ii. Chasing change of account forms
iii. Commitment to catch up arrangements
iv. Checking on progress of any other discussions with clients, creditors and colleagues
f. Print Dishonour Catch Up Report from DebtWare and identify those clients who require an escalated collection approach to bring DA back on track, variation, termination etc
g. Prepare status reports for creditors upon request


3. Legislation currency & policy development
a. Keep informed and up to date of current AFSA eligibility thresholds for Debt Agreements
b. Keep informed and up to date on any changes to AFSA legislation
c. Build on internal and external relationships (Debtware clients, AFSA creditors) to keep lines of communication and learning open
d. Use initiative in the role to discover any potential changes to processes, software in order to support your role and that of others within the group
e. Participate in group training sessions – possible outline of a case you have been working on and the outcomes achieved for the betterment of all case managers



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