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Senior Database Administrator

Production and Development Database Administrator Job Description

  • Ensure all database servers are backed up in a way that meets the business’s Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
  • Test backups to ensure we can meet the business’ Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)
  •  Troubleshoot SQL Server service outages as they occur, including after-hours
  •  Monitor SQL Server monitoring utilities to minimize false alarms
  •  Install and configure new SQL Servers
  •  Deploy database change scripts provided by developers and third party vendors
  •  When performance issues arise, determine the most effective way to increase performance including hardware purchases, server configuration changes, or index/query changes 
  • Document the company’s database environment
  • Tuning T-SQL queries to improve performance
  • Ensure that new database code meets company standards for readability, reliability, and performance
  • Design indexes for existing applications, choosing when to add or remove indexes
  •  When users complain about the performance of a particular query, help developers improve the performance of that query by tweaking it or modifying indexes
  • Advise developers on the most efficient database designs (tables, datatypes, stored procedures, functions, etc)

Qualified Candidate experience should include:

  • On-call troubleshooting experience with at least one production SQL Server for a year.
  • Finding DMV queries to answer questions about server-level performance
  •  Writing and improving SQL Server T-SQL queries for at least a year.
  • Designing tables and picking datatypes
  •  Using Profiler traces and other tools to find the most frequently run queries


Skills Required

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