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Fleet Ops Senior Executive


Our client is an IT technology start up providing software, hardware and infrastructure for transit media i.e. interactive screens in ride-share vehicles, taxis and managed fleets operating in ASIA.  
We are looking for a senior executive with hands-on operations & strategic management experience in fleet/logistics management, and proven IT deployment track record in the ASEAN region. Examples of ideal candidates would be Senior IT Director.  
The scope of this important role is described below.  

Operational planning, design & execution  

  • Devise a comprehensive plan & budget to achieve the objective of ramping up from a handful to tens of thousands of device installations into vehicles within a short time frame
  • Design and implement the necessary standard operating policies & processes • Execute the agreed expansion plans, working with relevant stakeholders to minimize risks & delays 

Operational capability / human resources  

  • Recruit & train the required staff and / or  
  • Partner with suitable companies who can provide the required services  


Fleet partner relationships

  • Work closely with fleet partners to ensure accountability & alignment in executing roll out plans according to agreed timescales  
  • Negotiate commercial, operational and other terms to protect the best interest of the company 

Inventory management  

  • Supply chain & inventory management of all components relating to technology bundle to be installed into vehicle  
  • Quality assurance  
  • Optimise trade off in reduced lead times vs inventory levels e.g. JIT / Lean supply chain principles 
  • Reduce risk in supply chain  
  • Negotiate best pricing and terms  

Technology Installation  

  • Ensure sufficient installation capability in terms of work rate and geography to meet the installation volumes and proximity to vehicle locations  
  • Coordinate installation schedules between installation technician and drivers / fleet co 

Monitoring & remedy  

  • Put in place systems, teams & processes for daily monitoring of fleet infrastructure  
  • Have a process to recall / remedy faulty technology with minimal inconvenience and costs 


Performance and remuneration  

  • Monitor performance / uptime of the installed media, provide aggregated & itemized reports  
  • Devise, negotiate and adapt remuneration and bonus schemes tied to performance  


Regional Leadership  

  • The initial focus of this role will be on successfully achieving the stated objectives of the Indonesian market, given it urgency and scale
  • However the candidate is also expected to take up a regional leadership role i.e. providing best practices, lessons learnt and generally repeating the expansion and roll out plans in Philippines, Malaysia and other markets to be decided 

Qualifications & experience

  • Senior executive  
  • 10 years working experience in related industries with commercial, technology and operations aspects
  • Degree in related subject field
  • Experience in dealing & coordinating with vendors and partners
  • Proficient in writing reports and presentations
  • Excellent track record in project management / coordination of parallel activities to support business objectives 


Soft skills & character 

  • Perform well within Asian and Western work cultures  
  • Clear and accurate written communication and verbal communication  
  • Agreeable to frequent travel as required
  • Flexible working hours when required  
  • Motivated & ambitious
  • Works well both independently and within a team


Additionally, candidate is expected to

  • be a self starter, take initiative and think 2 or 3 steps ahead
  • be action oriented and have a strong work ethic  
  • meet challenges with energy and a positive outlook, and be solutions oriented
  • be meticulous and methodical in operational processes and planning
  • be innovative and knowledgeable when involved in technology aspects
  • be savvy and creative in commercial dealings  
  • continuously look for improvement & optimization of business processes 


Skills Required

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