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Call Center Services Outsourcing


Voice-based call center services pioneered the outsourcing industry in the Philippines. US companies, who were forced to look for ways to cut costs as the global economy went to recession, started outsourcing and offshoring jobs to countries with cheaper labor and operational costs such as India. Indians, however, were not really well-versed with the American culture and had trouble using conversational English, unlike Filipinos who are very knowledgeable about the American culture due to the country's historical ties to the United States. Filipinos also had a more neutral accent and were more effective in communicating with Americans, making the country more competitive in the call center industry.

Fast forward to 2013, the Philippines is already the world's leading contact center hub. Aside from US-based accounts, call centers are also handling both voice and nonvoice accounts from UK and Australia. Startups and small businesses have also joined the outsourcing bandwagon, taking advantage of the country's low office rental rates and affordable labor costs. KMC Solutions is one of the leading outsourcing and offshoring services provider in the country. From finding the right office space and setting up the technological infrastructure for call center operations to managing the office operations and recruiting talented agents, our team has the resources and experience to effectively assist clients.


  1. Reduce operating costs by as much as 60%. Metro Manila remains as the best value city to do business because of its low real estate costs and highly educated and skilled labor force. KMC Solutions has access to a wide range of options for low-cost serviced offices as well as traditional office spaces to help clients cut operational costs.
  2. Fast and hassle-free setup. With KMC Solutions, companies can move into their chosen office space within a few days. Our sister companies, KMC MAG Group and Kittelson & Carpo also provide additional services to make doing business in the Philippines much easier for foreigners and expatriates. K&C offers legal advice and assistance for businesses while KMC MAG Group provides tenant representation for companies looking for office space and residential services for expatriates in search of housing within the major CBDs.

Call Center Services

The Philippines remains as the top call center hub in the world due to its less expensive operational and labor costs and highly skilled workforce. Being extremely well-versed in the American culture, Filipinos are very proficient in American English and use of idioms, something outsourcing hubs India and Thailand have difficulty competing with. Given the country's competitive edge in the industry, call centers have become one of the main contributors in the BPO sector, an important driver of the nation's economy.

KMC Solutions recognizes the importance of having an efficient and prompt customer care or support as it reflects the company's product and service. Our well-established firm is capable of providing clients with inbound and outbound voice accounts the assistance they need in setting up a business in the Philippines. We have the technology infrastructure, skills and capabilities needed in managing call centers, as well as available telecommunication software that clients can use in establishing their call center operations in the Philippines.


  1. Experienced and skilled call center agents: KMCS can help you recruit, train, and manage talented Filipino call center agents to achieve the required skills and technical knowledge necessary to handle the account.
  2. 24/5 support: KMCS provides 24/5 call center services as well as technical support to ensure smooth and efficient operations.
  3. Up-to-date technology and communication systems: Our serviced office facilities are located in high-grade buildings that are equipped with sophisticated technology and communication systems. The buildings also have backup power as well as available utilities and lines for internet and telecommunication connections.

Email and Chat Support

Being the primary means of data transmission and customer relationship management for many companies, email and chat support are among the services outsourced by many foreign firms to the Philippines. Email support involves the use of electronic mailing system to answer customer inquiries, inform them of updates and announcements regarding products and services, and resolve service or product issues. Chat support, on the other hand, allows businesses to provide assistance and close sales real time through text chat. Live chat support and email support systems allow companies to improve customer satisfaction by providing a more prompt and accurate answer to inquiries. These efforts also ensure lower call volumes and reduce costs for voice support.

These disciplines are included in KMC Solutions' available call center services. With our help, clients can benefit from lower costs, faster and more efficient customer service, and focus on core competencies. With our help, clients can build teams for different email support and chat services: customer care, technical support, order and sales management, verification, query resolution, resolving cases, and e-mail and voice marketing services.


  1. Cost-effective operations: KMC Solutions can help you cut as much as 45% on your operational and capital expenditures by building an efficient support team and back office at a lower cost.
  2. Expert management and technical support teams: KMCS has a reliable and experienced management and support teams who can provide customized solutions that respond to the clients' business requirements.
  3. Quick, one-stop solutions: With KMCS, clients can quickly set up their email and chat support teams in the country. We assist our clients right from the inception to the implementation stages of the project.

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