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Information Technology and Internet Outsourcing



An integral part of any business process outsourcing (BPO) firm is its information technology and internet capabilities. Having an effective IT infrastructure and support team creates better business outcomes as it reduces costs, increases flexibility through the use of systems and processes that are responsive to market changes, improves operational efficiency, and elevates the company's performance. Internet services come hand-in-hand with IT as the creation of software and programs to streamline processes becomes high priority especially for Internet-based businesses. In today's highly competitive business environment, companies need an effective IT infrastructure and team that are cost-effective and efficient enough without compromising reliability and responsiveness to the changing business landscape.

Driven by this need, foreign companies look towards the Philippines' large and well-educated labor pool and advanced telecommunications infrastructure. KMC Solutions specializes in providing services under a number of areas in this discipline, including web development, software development, and technical support. Dubbed as the world's call center hub, the Philippines is a top offshoring and outsourcing destination for IT services because it has lower operational costs, large educated and skilled labor pool, and world-class infrastructure (transportation and utilities).


  1. Full suite of capabilities: From analysis and conceptualization to development, implementation, testing, and maintenance, KMC Solutions offers software applications designed to streamline business processes and encourage cost-efficiency -- perfect for businesses of all scales. One of these applications is Payroll Pie, an online software designed to deliver easy payroll processing for countries doing business in the Philippines.
  2. Access to technical expertise: KMC Solutions specializes in a wide range of web development technologies and platforms for successful web applications. Our team is also capable of performing software development and maintenance services for various industries.
  3. Cost-effective, hassle-free web solutions: With KMC Solutions, companies can establish an online presence without spending too much money and effort in website development and maintenance.

Technical Support

Having a solid IT infrastructure is essential in all types of businesses -- these run the applications needed to process transactions, collate and access customer data for market insights, and support the tools for communication and other business functions. When utilized properly, IT infrastructure can improve operational efficiency, existing business models, and overall customer experience. To leverage on the benefits of information technology, businesses need a reliable partner to meet the challenges of IT planning and implementation.

With KMC Solutions, companies can take advantage of up-to-date IT infrastructure and expert technical support. Our team has the technology and network needed as well as the expertise and skill necessary to maintain and provide all the clients' IT needs while operating in the Philippines. We provide specialized IT consulting services for businesses who wish to establish their own technological infrastructure or clients in search of advice on IT strategies and transformation -- KMC Solutions can assist companies in setting up their business' technological needs. We also perform systems and equipment maintenance and support for tenant companies.


  1. Responsive and flexible services. Recognizing IT's growing importance in business, KMC Solutions provides responsive and flexible technological solutions for clients. This allows them to effectively adapt to the fast-changing business environment while maintaining competitive edge.
  2. Reduced costs. KMC Solutions can help business owners and leaders cut costs in IT infrastructure and maximize value by providing customized systems that respond to the client company's business requirements.
  3. Robust performance and maximum results. As a one-stop shop for corporate clients outsourcing and offshoring to the Philippines, KMC Solutions has a proven track record in providing fast and effective solutions, not just in information technology disciplines, but also in the steps involved in the entire business process.

Software Development

Software plays an important role in achieving competitive advantage and differentiation and at the same time, creating processes to enhance the service and product quality for any business. Custom software creation is among the services being outsourced to the Philippines as companies recognize the Filipinos' creativity, talent, and expertise in software development. Filipinos are also very effective communicators, which makes it easier for foreign businesses to specify their needs and achieve the end product they need.

From e-commerce solutions to mobile applications, KMC Solutions assists companies and firms in fulfilling their software requirements. Our web development team can design and develop ecommerce websites, mobile applications, and other types of software that respond to our clients' needs. We can also recruit talented web developers, designers, and programmers and create the client's own team in executing software development projects.


  1. Access to top software developers. KMC Solutions works with experienced application developers capable of creating, testing, and maintaining software for various platforms and functions.
  2. Capable of handling projects of all scales. No project is too small or too big for KMC Solutions. We can execute both simple and complex projects and provide customized solutions that fit client requirements.
  3. Functional applications for optimum business results. KMC Solutions knows what it takes to create a powerful software that will add business value, streamline processes, and save costs.

Web Development

In this modern business environment, web-based applications and web-enabled services are becoming indispensable parts of the business strategy. One of the most outsourced skills, web development involves creating, maintaining, and updating websites managed with different systems and equipped with various functions (i.e. content management systems, advanced shopping cart functionality, web-based database). It also covers application maintenance, creation of cross-platform applications, and development of web and enterprise portals.

The Philippines has a wealth of experienced and talented web developers who are well-versed in various programming languages and databases. KMC Solutions has its own web development team capable of designing and developing integrated and customized web applications for different industries. We can develop websites, systems, and applications for our clients or help them form their own Filipino web development team in their local back office.


  1. High level of technical proficiency. KMC Solutions has a skilled web development team with high technical proficiency in developing optimized websites, applications, and systems. With us, clients can get access to professional designers and developers who can provide the web-based service they need.
  2. Enhanced aesthetics and user experience. We create functional websites and applications that provide solid user experience as well as require lower system maintenance combined with effective performance.
  3. Greater value for your money. KMC Solutions provides systems and websites that merge all elements of usability, user experience, reliable structure and architecture, as well as various search engine optimization techniques for maximized results.





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