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Virtual Office Philippines

Virtual Office

Virtual Offices in Makati, BGC, and Ortigas

Virtual office solutions fully maximize the use of advanced technology so you can focus on your new business in Metro-Manila or Cebu. The utilization of virtual offices eliminate the challenges that brick and mortar businesses have, which include leasing office space, paying office utility fees and supplying office equipment.

Key Features of Our Virtual Office


Virtual Office Packages

PHP 3,300.00
PHP 4,950.00
PHP 7,425.00
PHP 8,000.00
(Add on)
Business Address
Access to Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms 2HR / MONTH 5HR / MONTH 12HR / MONTH 12HR / MONTH
Use of Address for Registration
Assistance on Requirements for Business Registration
Call Screening and Transfer
Represent the company on Tax Mapping


All Virtual Office packages are inclusive of:


  • Complementary Coffee and Water
  • Courier Services (Receive Mails & Parcel on your behalf)
  • Printing/Photocopy and Scan Services
  • Professional Call Answering & Message Taking
  • Local & International Mail Forwarding (at cost)
  • SMS or Email Notification
  • WIFI-ed Business Lounge
  • Online Correspondence Log
  • Outgoing Mails / Correspondence


Why Choose Virtual Office for Your Business

In the modern era, technology has significantly enhanced every aspect of our society from the way that we communicate to the way that we conduct business. One of the most innovative concepts that has dominated the business landscape is the emergence of virtual office solutions. These constructs allow businesses of all size to expand its services to a global domain without the limitations that traditional business models present.

Every industry consists of companies that have different levels of quality of service, from good to bad, and the virtual office industry is of no exception. Fortunately, business owners from all around the world have given high grades for the level of service of virtual offices that are offered in the Philippines. Specifically, virtual office Manila has developed a reputation for offering professional and reliable services that have helped businesses thrive in its respective markets. Large and small corporations from the U.S., Europe, Australia and Singapore represent some of the nations that have found value and immense profitability from utilizing virtual office services in the Philippines.

Utilizing the resources of a virtual office Manila puts you in the epicenter of a business world that is thriving as the region seamlessly grows with the advancement of technology and innovative business practices. The competitive nature of global businesses have gotten a makeover during the past 50 years, and Manila has been front-and-center with the utilization of some of the brightest minds that are committed to elevating the business environment to a higher standard of excellence.

The demonstration of high profits and sustained productivity for businesses that establish a virtual office in the Philippines with KMC Solutions is a result of hard work and the effective use of technology and education. The coordination of the resources that are necessary for a business to navigate through the rapidly changing culture of the current business climate can be easily accomplished with the service providers that demonstrate a history of success, such as KMC Solutions.

Virtual office Philippines solutions are effective because this part of the world understand the importance of balancing work life with personal life. The Philippines is a very family-oriented region that promotes its ideals throughout the ranks of its employees and business affiliates. This mindset compliments virtual office services because it promotes employee satisfaction by giving them the opportunity to telecommute and spend more time with their family and less time in an office environment.

Virtual office solutions are anticipated to be the standard mode of operations for many industries in the very near future, which is why it is important for you to establish your presence in this sector so you will not have to scramble to catch-up with your competitors. Here are some of the reasons why the business community are embracing virtual office Philippines with open arms:

  • Businesses save on expenses
  • Companies can hire talent from around the globe
  • Statistically, productivity increases
  • Businesses have higher retention rates
  • Businesses spend less money on technology

Elevating your business to the next level and maintaining it should always be your top priority. The companies that are succeeding are the ones that are integrating its core systems with modern technology and innovative ideas. KMC Solutions is dedicated to assisting global businesses by advancing our clients' objectives with offering quality resources and services. If your desire is to succeed at the highest level, then KMC solutions will be a perfect match for the advancement of your business goals.


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